Blaze STL

Confidence  Collaboration Inclusion

Creative activities enrich lives and promote personal development.  Our clay projects are designed to teach general work skills, abilities and build confidence.   We do this though collaboration with other non profit organizations that provide support for the disadvantaged and disabled in the Saint Louis, Missouri area.

Located in a large, professional ceramic studio, we primarily focus on pottery and glass.  However, we will also have other rooms available for painting, printing and various forms of crafting and visual art .   We believe there is a need in the community to have access to this studio.  

Some of our activities are educational.  Clay, as a subject matter, is rich and diverse.  It touches on many disciplines and areas of study: art, craft, archaeology, theology, chemistry, geology and others.  Any of these can be brought into the discussion as we work with clay or glass.  Some of our area schools  have limited resources for creative activities. 

Some of our activities provide support for occupational therapy for group homes.  Generally, an organization brings a group of their members into the studio and they work with clay or glass for a couple of hours.  Members have a place to enjoy creative exploration and get out a little.  This should be fun,  something to look forward to as a monthly activity.